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Motion Icon Escalates Black Friday Communication

South African mall advertising disruptor, Motion Icon, part of the Iconic Group of companies, is gearing up for Black Friday 2022, which is set to be one of the biggest shopping events on the calendar for its retail and brand clients.

As one of the fastest growing Out-of-Home (OOH) media companies globally, with its patented innovative branding solution in airports and 6000 plus mall escalators across the continent, Motion Icon offers its clients around 80 sqm of advertising space, which is arguably the largest moving billboard in a mall environment, visible 24/7.

With more than 10-million escalator trips taken throughout South Africa each year alone, Motion Icon’s escalator step messaging has become landmark branding in many malls, with consumers orientating themselves in the mall based on the unmissable escalators or making it a meeting point with friends and family.

“We’ve been thrilled to deliver an ROI turbine to our clients who are looking for branding and advertising that delivers results – and that’s what our point of purchase branding has achieved in over 20-countries around the world,” says Marco Valente, Founder and CEO of Motion Icon South Africa.

With retailers and brands gearing up their communication for Black Friday 2022, promotions generally get lost in the clutter of online, printed brochures and traditional OOH, which for the most, isn’t located near the final decision making point – the mall or store. Situated in South Africa’s most premium malls, the escalator ‘billboards’ are also rarely affected by load-shedding.

“What makes our mall advertising so effective is the hyper proximity aspect of the communication. Apart from contributing to a clutter-free, safety compliant mall environment, escalator step branding drives consumers to the point of purchase at the last mile, whilst shoppers are in a purchasing frame of mind,” comments Valente.

Having relocated to bigger production facilities in Johannesburg to meet growing demand, Motion Icon has geared up for the increased interest in mall messaging in the build-up to Black Friday and the Festive Season.

“Malls have seen a significant increase in footfall post-COVID and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down, with consumers choosing the tactile, interactive experience a mall presents, after 2-years of distancing. That combined with heightened travel over the coming holiday period, places escalators front and center when it comes to reaching an economically strong consumer at the point of purchase,” concludes Valente.

Moving into the last quarter of 2022, the Iconic Group has brought Social Icon to life, a data driven influencer marketing solution which, combined with OOH, delivers a powerful online and offline messaging solution for retail and brand clients.

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